How Naveen Patnaik hold one position for the Last 20 Years?

How Naveen Patnaik hold one position for the Last 20 Years?

There are people who think how Naveen Patnaik is more successful as compared to other cms in India.

I can't say he is successful yes you gonna say that he becomes 20 years CM, How could you say that he is not successful.

Wait I will point out so many things which can change your mindset.

In Odisha, 70% are included in a rural area where averagely people are educated but the people are not genuinely knowing what is going in other country or, another state .the life perspective is how they will get two-time meal .to solve this problem Naveen govt launches several schemes which are providing foods to the people .due to this peoples perspective get to fulfill.

If you go through the economic part of Odisha it also worst .odisha has debt above 2 lakh crore and the ranking of the richest state which is second but from the down.

The govt never creates the environment for industries and any other sources where people can get a job.

The against parties of BJD are not strong in Odisha that is the main reason why Naveen govt kept the position till rural areas the BJD workers get money from the parties .which is very much effect on the election.

Due to less broad-minded people, they are afraid to vote any other parties because BJD peoples are threat them to if you don't give a vote to BJD govt your ration, BPL, Kalia scheme will be canceled.

I think you can analyze what are the main reason from the above point. Thanks

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