Rachna Banerjee- Photo,Husband,Income,Phone Number,Son Name

 Rachna Banerjee- Photo, Husband, Income, Phone Number, Son Name Full Biography 

She is a famous actress in both Odia and Bengal industry.first  she was starting as a model than she turns int an actress, which was to give her house success both Odia nad Bengal industry.when she was starting her career she was in the Bengal industry. but afterward, she works in the Odia industry for a long year which was given her huge success.

During the time of work in the Odia industry she loves in with Siddharth Mohapatra and both was getting married, but unfortunately the marriage life not for a long year.that time it was shocking news because both are favorite Jodi in the Odia film industry.

The father's name of Rachana Banerjee is Rabindranath Banerjee.

an interesting fact is some don't know Rachna Banerjee's real name the real name of Rachna Banerjee is Jhumjhum Banerjee. I don't know how her name gets changed, I guess this name come from some of her movies.

1990 Miss Kolkata was Rachana Banerjee and also she owned 5 other beauty competitions.

after this incident she moved to kolkata now she settled in kolkata and work in bengal tv industry .so today I will share with you Rachna Banerjee details like Photo, Husband, Income, Phone Number, Son Name.

Rachna Banerjee Date Of Birth 

she is looking gorgeous in the 90s she is one of the hottest girls.I guess you're also every who wants to know her birthday because she never gets old, from the 90s to 20s  her body beauty is not changed .she is born in Kolkata  (2 October 1974).

Rachna Banerjee Photos

For More Photos of Rachana CLICK HERE

Rachna Banerjee Husband

Rachana Banerjee's husband's name is Probal Basu .both are get married in 2007.he is a businessman.

Rachna Banerjee Monthly income

Rachna Banerjee Monthly income around 15 lakh 

Rachna Banerjee Mobile Number

Are you serious, she is a celebrity it is not good to get her number.if you want you will get her manager number.

Rachna Banarjee son name

they have one son whose name is  Proneel Basu.

Rachna Banarjee Social accounts

in social media, there are lots of fake account with Rachna Banerjee name but I found her real Instagram account the link is -INSTAGRAM

Rachna Banarjee Height is 1.63 m

Rachna Banarjee  height in ft is 5.4

Rachna Banarjee weight 

weight is around 58-60 kg.

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